Minimal-state, low-tax, free-markets minarchist-libertarianism, per Hayek, Friedman and Nozick.

Opposed to all manifestations of Leftism, whether economic, cultural, Green, Islamist or EuroFederalist.

10 thoughts on “About”

    1. 1. Corporate Governance & Risk Management in International Banking
      2. Semi-retired early –→ Freelance consultancy & journalism
      3. Old enough to have been round the block, but not old enough to know better.

  1. Would you support a Libertarian Party if they could grow the Libertarian movement in the UK after the EU referendum? And do you currently support/vote for any uk party at present?

    1. Apologies for delay in replying. Yes, I certainly would. I think there’s a dire need for a party along those lines.

  2. What are your views on Land Reform, especially Land Value Tax? I’ve come across quite a few Twitter Libertarians before. They are inevitably rentiers, and usually far from “liberal!” I’ve seen the list of think tanks you follow and they are they usual phony rent extracting apologists, which propose ‘free markets’ unless its for land of course.

    1. Disagree. Both ASI & IEA, to name just two, by no means opposed to a LVT. Neither am I, provided it’s properly designed as to incidence etc. Better still, however, is to reduce drastically the size, scope & reach of the State, so that the need for tax revenue at all is minimised.

  3. Dear Libertarian Rebel,
    I just wanted to say thank you for retweeting my recent article on enforced diversity, I had a very charming email regarding it because of you.
    Love your site, I’m going through your articles now.

    All the best

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